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Criminal Law

Attorney Chris Phillippe served as a State Prosecutor for nearly four years. He had many successful trials in that role. In addition, he served as City Attorney and Prosecutor for the City of Montgomery, Texas. 

Since that time he has represented clients accused of:


► Sex Offenses

► Capital Murder

► Theft

► Other criminal charges 


When you need an exceptional Criminal Law defense—you need the Law Offices Of Phillippe & Associates.

Personal Injury

From small fender-bender auto accidents to catastrophic accidents resulting in multiple deaths—the Law Offices Of Phillippe & Associates has represented many Personal Injury clients.

If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury at the hands of someone else, let us work to obtain the care and compensation you deserve.   

Other Practice Areas

In addition to the practice areas described above, the Law Offices Of Phillippe & Associates has decades of experience addressing:

► Real Estate Transactions

► IRS Disputes

► Breach of Contract

► Commercial Disputes

► Construction Cases


Being knowledgeable in all of these areas enables us to provide our clients with complete and outstanding representation. 

We use the interplay between the different areas of the law to achieve the best results possible for our clients.  Our extensive knowledge in many areas of the law highly qualifies us to assist our clients with:

► Applying for Bankruptcy in a Family Law case

► A contract dispute where Bankruptcy has been filed

► A Family Law case where Criminal Abuse charges may be involved

► Delinquent property taxes in a Probate action where foreclosure has been threatened


We are committed to protecting your rights and providing the legal services you need to relieve the tremendous stress that is often a part of legal matters.  Let us help you. 

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